The Bitwise Operators

Pics: n/a
Current Projects: finding work
Other: We aren't trying to do that anonymous electronic shit

"Not ones to rest on their laurels, the Bitwise Operators followed up their acclaimed 'Tardy Tracks' EP with the offering "Ice Cream Man" on our 'Spirit of Beige 1' compilation. "Ice Cream Man's" break with their traditional techno based sound was the result of an enlightening experience reading SPIN magazine. Asked to explain, they replied, "SPIN said that drum-n-bass was the sound of the future, and we totally picked up on that. And then they had this interview with Grooverider, and we just realized that even though he's bald, has bad teeth, and his head is twice the size it should be, he gets more chicks in a weekend then we'll see in two years. And besides, now that drum-n-bass is on MTV and Sony commercials, it's cool. You know, whatever's out there."" -- from BEG-002 press release