Beige Events

The format here is that upcoming events are just added to the to the list as they are confirmed. Old stuff is kept on the Past Events page so we can remember for ourselves what happened. Upcoming confirmed events:

The reg'lar reg'lars:
  • Paul B. Davis hosts "The Spirit of Beige" radio show on Resonance 104.4 FM, London UK every Sunday evening @ 9pm London time. Noise to crunk to music theory to interviews, Radio or webcast.
  • Kenny Kingston [aka DJ Cougar Shuttle] runs his seriously infamous "Dollar Bin" night every Wednesday @ Rue 13 [1313 Washington Ave] in St. Louis, USA. Tracks from 1985-1995 and $1 sake, thats the rule.

  • Saturday, August 28th @ Catch, London UK: PBD headlines the DumbFunk night @ Catch in East London, altho he will probably be upstaged by Outbreak Cru who are also appearing - totally awesome all female garage/grime trio. Not to be missed, 22 Kingsland Rd.
  • Sunday, August 29th @ The Spitz, London UK: 8-Bit Construction Set first UK LIVE performance @ LektroLAB's monthly matinee...also with DMX Krew [Rephlex, Breakin'], Lektrogirl [LektroLAB, micromusic, Rephlex] and DJ Slippers [LektroLAB]. FREE!!!
  • Friday, September 17th @ the Liverpool Biennale, UK: Somebody with some cash flies all of BEIGE and PaperRad to Liverpool to go at it head to head. No idea what will happen, should be "cool" tho.
  • Saturday, September 25th @ Catch, London UK: PBD plays again at DumbFunk, this time as support for headliner Bitch Ass Darius [Databass Records/NES Records USA] and Lektrogirl. 22 kingsland rd.
  • Sunday, September 26th @ The Spitz, London UK: LektroLAB monthly with Bitch Ass Darius, ROTFLOL [aka jacob from PaperRad - Autumn Records USA], brazilian "funk carioca" purveyors Tetine, and Lektrogirl.